Democratizing Digital.

On a mission to teach millions of people the world of digital, entrepreneurship, and web3 so we can build the future together.

This exists to empower everyone to build in the digital ecosystem.

Digital is moving fast, but together, we can understand, build, and grow a beautiful future – together.


Use this space to understand what is going on in the digital landscape and how to create within it.


Learn the ins and outs from those on the ground creating so you can use it in your own projects.


Use the information to expand your skills and better understand this world we are moving into.


Connect with a diverse community of other creators who are also interested in the digital space.


Create and contribute to the digital space by collaborating with likeminded creators.


The landscape is changing fast. Be a part of exploring the lead-edge of what's happening.

The values that drive everything I do.

Principles I've curated that act as guardrails in everything I create and put out there.

Innovation Compounds.

Innovation is a compounding force, building on the successes and learnings of previous experiments, accelerating as it grows. Understanding this, it is best to create as many collision points for experiments, education, and communities to form, creating accelerating feedback loops.

Optimize For The Whole.

By optimizing for the whole, the organism becomes healthier. As the organism becomes healthier, standards for all within it become better. This optimizing for the whole allows us to downplay our individual desires that can hold back innovation and growth.

Constant Experimentation.

In a world where testing is easy and feedback is almost instantaneous, the most impactful process is to experiment rapidly and often, gaining real-world data, rather than guessing. We experiment constantly.

Decentralized By Design.

Nature is decentralized by design. Each cell just a speck in the bigger picture. My belief is that the distributed powers of digital enable to us to mirror that design, ultimately benefiting the whole more than if we were centralized.