On a mission to democratize digital.

We live in the wildest time. Everything is available at our fingertips. I'm here to help you learn how to utilize it.

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What to expect...

I created this community because I saw two things happening.

The first was the rapid development of the digital landscape. I saw decentralized communities forming, barriers to creating getting lower, and the ability to connect, learn from, and educate each other transforming in ways I couldn’t have imagined 5 years ago.

The second was a gap between those that could see what was going on and those that couldn’t.

This space exists to bridge that gap, to bring more people into the digital space, and to empower all of us to create – together.

The mission.

I created this ecosystem to help democratize the information and learning going on in the digital space. To help all of us get educated about how digital, the internet, web3, and cryptographic technologies are changing the landscape, reorganizing society from centralized hubs of people to distributed groups working in parallel. My goal is to help educate anyone that wants to learn and help empower anyone that wants to contribute.

The vision.

I see a world where digital empowers everyone. Where with just a laptop, the right knowledge, and right thought patterns, we are all able to create in ways that make out lives better. I genuinely believe the digital revolution is one of the most empowering things, and I’m here to help bring it others.

The values that drive everything I do.

Below is a list of principles I've curated that act as guardrails in everything I create and put out there.


Innovation is a compounding force, building on the successes and learnings of previous experiments, accelerating as it grows. Understanding this, it is best to create as many collision points for experiments, education, and communities to form, creating accelerating feedback loops.

Optimize For
The Whole.

By optimizing for the whole, the organism becomes healthier. As the organism becomes healthier, standards for all within it become better. This optimizing for the whole allows us to downplay our individual desires that can hold back innovation and growth.


In a world where testing is easy and feedback is almost instantaneous, the most impactful process is to experiment rapidly and often, gaining real-world data, rather than guessing. We experiment constantly.

Is In The Design.

Nature is decentralized by design.

Each cell just a speck in the bigger picture. My belief is that the distributed powers of digital enable to us to mirror that design, ultimately benefiting the whole more than if we were centralized.

Connect with us.

This community is a living breathing organism. If you're interested in ai, the creator economy, web3 and crypto, or digital in general, we'd love to connect.

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The partners we work with.

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